What new equipment do you like?

I would appreciate any information and testimonials anyone might have related to new equipment offerings in the catalogs or that you may have constructed yourselves.  I am presenting a discussion this upcoming Saturday on “New but useful equipment”.  I could use some help.




6 thoughts on “What new equipment do you like?

  1. Jim, I built an electric wire “embedder” that I hook up to my battery charger, to embed frame wire into wax foundation. I love that little device! …and it’s neat to watch in 2 seconds that hot wire sink into the melted wax then see the wax dry over it.

  2. Jim, I like the punch tool for transfering larva with out having to graft. Quail waters make great syrup feeders.

    1. Steven, I was re-reading your post. I, too, use quail feeders as a syrup feeder. However, when they became nearly empty, I had a problem with significant numbers of bees entering the near empty feeder, becoming trapped and dying in un-nerving numbers. Maybe – 3-4 inches of dead bees within the feeder. Have you ever seen anything like that?

      1. Jim, if you are using the type of feeder I think you are referring to, get some fiberglass window screen from the hardware store and trim a piece to fit over the “water hole” in the base. I would suggest glueing it to the inside of the base. This should keep the bees from being able to enter the feeder (if you are using the same type I use for my chickens).

        I saw your article in the Jan. Bee Culture. I don’t have any bees yet (my package will arrive in May) but I’m trying to absorb as much as possible before they arrive (meaning the above suggestion might be totally worthless!)..

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