On-Line Video-Based Beekeeping Training Program

A generalized basic beekeeping training program is posted at:  http://www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org/beekeeping_class/frame-assembly/

It is 34 video clips and a few captured PowerPoint programs supported by review questions.  The clips are concise ranging from 3-9 minutes.  We hope that this will assist new beekeepers in acquiring experience and skill.

7 thoughts on “On-Line Video-Based Beekeeping Training Program

  1. Jim,
    Looking forward to Auburn 2013. Privileged and honored to serve the Alabama Beekeepers Association as VP this year. Please contact me when you have some time to discuss how the ABA can support you and the symposium coming up in Feb. Hope you and your bees are well.

    Jeff Lee
    256 874 6067

  2. sir great to see nad here you. we want training to promote in india and rural area the beekeeping , how can we learn on line
    pl cal 991-9935133248 india

  3. James, what camera are you using on the Ohio State beekeeping videos and the washboarding video?
    Art Atkinson

    1. Primarily, I used my Canon GL2 tape-based camera. (Used, but tolerable price) It’s old technology, but bullet-proof. I sometimes use(d) a Flip camera for B-roll or natural sounds. For very short pieces, I used my Canon T3i still camera in video mode.

      I realize I must be a source of amusement for professional video people but I have enjoyed putting these pieces together. Thanks for writing.

  4. Very much enjoyed your presentations at the Alabama Beekeepers Association meeting this past Sep. in Clanton. Your style of speaking and the information you provide made the trip from Mobile worthwhile.

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