Be Patient – all in due time

There is a learning curve involved in all this. Be patient as I learn (and am taught) how to operate this system and get postings out. Thanks



14 thoughts on “Be Patient – all in due time

  1. Mr. Tew,
    Thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do! It is much appreciated by the beekeeping community. Very eager to see your postings on this site.

  2. Dan, thanks for taking time to write. This technology changes so rapidly that I am challenged to even remotely keep up. For the present, its enjoyable.

  3. Hello Jim,
    Do you have any info on honey sales connected with OSU/Wooster? All roads seem to link to you. 🙂 Are there still honey sales?
    Thank you for any info you may have,

    1. My December Meeting date for the Feb event is still unselected. I will begin to push people next week. Thanks for wandering around these developing pages.

  4. Greetings Jim,
    Great new site !!!! Enjoy your new endeavors. Just one Question—Hive beetles are getting bad here in Lorain County, Ohio. I was wondering if you have heard of any plants like mint or whatever that could be planted by the hives to deter these nasty bugs? Tom R.

    1. At this time, no I am sorry, but I have not heard of any botanicals that repel or otherwise affect SHB. Do you sense that this beetle is becoming a more serious pest in the Lorain area? So far, their effects in Ohio have been spotty.
      Thanks for writing and for visiting my site. I have great plans but fixed energy and ability.

  5. Can’t locate your email addy so I’ll do this publicly. THANK YOU! Great job at the Ohio Bluebird Society meeting at OARDC! They saved the best for last. Now that you are a ‘card carrying’ member, maybe you’ll become a regular?

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