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  1. Just letting you know that your ‘making colony splits’ pdf has been blocked from downloading by my anti-virus software as a malware threat. Location:
    Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.

  2. Hi Jim, I am looking for the overview of queens and simple queen production. Enjoyed it, now cant find it. Thank you for your posts. they are very informative.

  3. I am part of a small community beekeeping group in Vancouver (Canada) and we appreciate all you have done towards educating the public about bees and beekeeping through your webinars, website and pdf files. Thanks.

    1. Bruce, thanks for taking time to write and for monitoring this page. I only post as I have the need. We will be releasing an introductory beekeeping video series on the Ohio State Beekeepers’ Association web page sometime before Christmas (I hope). It is our early efforts at video posting work. Again, thanks for responding.

    2. Aww, what a lovely photo! Bees are so puroices and need to be looked after and cherished, without them we can’t survive.I always told my daughter when she finds a bee in the pool to carefully help it out (not with her bare hands but a leaf or so) and once when she was only seven or so, she rescued one which after panting for quite a while eventually survived – and she asked whether we could keep it as a pet… no, love them, but sorry..I recently gave her ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ to read to remind her of that. Loved it.

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