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Being Gentle with the Bees

Being a bee-friendly beekeeper

Within a wide range, each beekeeper maintains their colonies in ways suitable to their lifestyle and personal schedule. Some of us can allocate more time to our bees than others. As colony numbers increase, you should expect to spend less time with individual colonies. Beekeepers who rarely manipulate their colonies will most likely have
some, or even many, die. Alternatively, beekeepers who open their practically every day are also putting stress on their colonies. New beekeepers can be somewhat excused. They are still learning and are excited to explore their new bee world.

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Though I have had a blog for several years, my efforts here are  a small rekindling  of my interest in this format.  I  will be posting more PowerPoint PDF files and  short Video files  on this medium and will be using this site more for general bee-related discussions.  Look in the pull down menu for my preliminary efforts.  

 If I can maintain my focus and direction, I hope to use this medium to communicate with beekeepers in a more efficient manner while I grow more competent in the electronic bee community.

Tew Auburn Yard

The pictured beekeeper is James E. Tew, 43 years ago,  working his first hive at the Auburn University apiary.  As a brand new beekeeper, I wore canvas gloves, an Alexander Veil,  and taped my pant cuffs.  I was crazy for bees.  I still am.