Equipment Vendor List – 20th Annual ACES Beekeeping Symposium

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Alabama Cooperative Extension System

20th Annual Beekeeping Symposium

Vendor List

The following vendors have indicated that they will be at this year’s meeting:


Rossman Apiaries

3364-A Ga Highway 33 N

Moultrie, GA 31768-0383




Dadant & Sons, Inc.

PO Box 888

High Springs, FL 32655



Branch Manager: Ray Latner


The Hairloom LLC.

Alexander City, AL

Cynthia and Chris Traylor



Bee Art and Jewelry

Michele Burns



Walter T. Kelley Bee Co.

PO Box 240

807 West Main Street

Clarkson, KY 42726




Mann Lake Ltd.

501 S. 1st St.

Hackensack, Minnesota 56452



Beetle Baffle

by The Haselmaier Company. LLC

Haynes & Janet Haselmaier

(601) 337-2337



Wicwas Press LLC

1620 Miller Road

Kalamazoo, MI  49001


Rock Bridge Trees

David Hughes


615-351-2854 mobile

Late Season Swarms

I had several large, late season swarms that are uncommon in Ohio.  Two of the colonies did not successfully requeen.  I am uncertain what this late season biology means for the bees and their colony survival.  Any thoughts?



More Autumn Yellowjackets than usual

I don’t sense that they are problem, but there are definitely more yellowjackets attacking my colonies that in past years.  They enter the hive freely and once inside, I can’t tell what is ongoing.  There are few dead ones out front.  When possible, I will photograph the yellowjacket events.


Grandkids and Stings

My 2-year old grand daughter was stung by a Yellowjacket.  At this moment she is napping, but when she awakes she still will not like any stinging insect.  Not much I can say to change her 2-year old mind.


Yellowjacket sting on my 2-year old grand daugher
This 2-year old does not care for stinging insects – any stinging insect