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On-Line Video-Based Beekeeping Training Program

A generalized basic beekeeping training program is posted at:

It is 34 video clips and a few captured PowerPoint programs supported by review questions.  The clips are concise ranging from 3-9 minutes.  We hope that this will assist new beekeepers in acquiring experience and skill.

If you are primarily a gardener who keeps some bees….

If you are primarily a gardener who keeps some bees, could I ask you opinion?

From a gardener’s perspective, does present-day beekeeping equipment meet your needs?  Is it the right size, the right color, they right style?  Can too many bees be too much of a good thing?  I’ve spoken to many gardening groups and have been told that the common beehive is not always well-suited for the garden environment.  If you agree, what changes do you suggest?