2014 Spring Beekeeping Symposium (February 1, 2014)

Registration materials for the spring workshop are posted at:

Beekeeping Symposium Pre-Registration

The registration materials must be downloaded and not simply viewed for the Auburn University on-line url link to be active.  See complete information in the title bar above.



4 thoughts on “2014 Spring Beekeeping Symposium (February 1, 2014)

    1. Possibly, but not a great chance. The day is intensive and most of our IT efforts are needed to on-site. I do plan to explore the possibility of a simple capture with a program like Camtasia. But honestly, at this point, I do not know.
      Thanks for the question.

    1. It will be a large meeting, if it develops as it has in recent years. Several rooms will be used, including the two large auditoriums on the second floor. It is essentially on the second floor with the registration desk being prominently positioned. Other people are actually laying out the facility and I don’t have copies before me. If you specifically need the auditorium room number, let me know. I hope to see you there. Based on your email address, you must be on or near campus already.

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