2013 Beekeeping Symposium at Auburn University

Information and registration directions for the 18th Annual Spring Beekeeping Symposium sponsored by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, The Alabama Beekeepers’ Association, and the The Department of Entomology/Nematology is posted elsewhere on this blog.  Save the February 2, 2013, date.  Thanks,

For complete information, at the Symposium link posted in the Black Bar at the top of the blog page.

Jim Tew, State Beekeeping Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System




7 thoughts on “2013 Beekeeping Symposium at Auburn University

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a little more info on the “Common Ways of Getting into Beekeeping” class at the symposium. This is my first year beekeeping and I’ve already ordered my bee boxes and splits. I’m also attending our local beekeepers association beginner beekeeping classes. I’m just wondering if this class would be for me or for someone who hasn’t gotten into beekeeping yet. I was thinking attending the class “Insecticides & Bees — Review of the Issues” would be a better use of my time. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Dear Ms. Batey,
      Due to my shortage in using a new software update, I missed your message. I am responding to apologize for my problems. I hope you were at the meeting and I hope that your bees are in place and underway. I realize I let you down, but if you think I can still help, please let me know.
      Jim Tew

  2. Howdy Jim. I enjoyed the symposium last weekend. I spent my time in the main lecture hall all day…some good lectures and discussions. Thank you and all the others involved for a great show.

    So far I am treatment free down here in south Alabama, but one day I’m afraid v. destructor will raise it’s ugly head and I’m pondering my options.

    In one of the lectures at the symposium, possibly Dr. Hurst’s, an ineffectiveness of Hopguard was mentioned. This exchange, I believe, was between Dennis Barclift and Hurst. Doing a little internet research after the meeting I came upon observations regarding Hopguard. Some beekeepers have used it with success by using what they call a “progressive” treatment. A possible problem with Hopguard has been that within a few days the strip has dried out, rendering the application mostly ineffective. Mann Lake has recommended treating three times in succession at something like 7-10 day intervals. This seems like an off label use, but BetaTec states that it can be used three times a year which I guess depends on how that is interpretted as to whether it would be an off label use or not. Whichever the case, I’ve see reports of this progressive application working quiet well. I understand that Hopguard doesn’t have a section 18 in Alabama (I’m not sure about Ohio), but with a possible new version on the horizon I was wondering about your thoughts on Hopguard. Got any comments?


    1. Dear Ed, I hope late is better than never. In reference to hop guard, I have found the verdict mixed. I have not used it, but I plan to this spring/summer. The Alabama Dept of Ag has been very weak in supporting its use and I am not sure if AL yet has a Section 18 on the product and yes, it does sound “off label”. I too have heard that recommendation. It would seem to me that if that kind of creativity is required to make it work, I would search for a product with a better track record.

      I have told many states about the high number of AL beekeepers who are not treating for Varroa in any way. I have no explanation for that luxury. I certainly hope it is the beginning of a new relationship between Varroa and honey bees, but I would certainly continue to keep a close watch on varroa populations — just in case.
      Thanks for writing and I am sorry so late.

  3. Attended Sym at Auburn. Real pleasure to meet you.
    Questions: Do small hive beetle nematodes live from year to year or must they be ‘reseeded’ each year?
    How does one safely store made up but empty frames (comb) during the off season?
    Thanks also for the exceptional videos made in Ohio. Maybe after I make the same mistakes 3 or 4 times even I will start catching on to beekeeping. Hived 3 swarms this year and NONE took. Bummer.

  4. Hi! This sounds like an awesome event. I missed the 2013, but I hope to make the 2014 and look forward to broadening my beekeeping horizons. Thanks for sharing all of this info here and hosting this event!

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